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Get started with MacuDopa

Find out when to take your MacuDopa and how often.

Learn to stay 'ON' and feeling good.

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Be in charge of your intake:

Mucuna pruriens is a food supplement so you can choose how much to take to alleviate your symptoms, and when you need it.

Read instructions below to learn how to support your condition with MacuDopa.

NB: You must speak to your medical professional if you are on medication.

The Continuum method

Learn how long it takes for MacuDopa to 'kick-in' i.e: to have a positive effect on how you feel. This is normally between 20 - 40 minutes. It is called the 'coming ON period' as shown below.

Graph Two - Blue.png

Work out how long the positive feelings and physical benefits last for. This is your 'ON time'. It varies between 1.5 and 2.5 hours on average but does depend on how severe your symptoms are.

Note when the positive feelings start to wear off. This is your coming 'OFF time'. It is when you need more MacuDopa.

Take your MacuDopa at the right times so that you stay 'ON' all the time, as below.

Graph One - Blue.png

Coming 'ON'

The time it takes to feel the supportive effect of MacuDopa. Approximately 20 - 40 minutes (absorption time).

'ON' time

The length of time where MacuDopa is effective and supportive. Approximately 120 - 150 minutes.

Coming 'OFF' time

The period of time where the support is diminishing, and you feel the need to take your next MacuDopa.

Getting your intake right



Start with one capsule at regular intervals (eg: every 2 hours) and build your intake up as needed to fully manage your state (or take as recommended by your health professional).

The average client uses 14 capsules a day (roughly 2 capsules every 2 hours), but everyone is unique and you may need more or less. On the other hand, if you are older and have well established symptoms you may need a larger 'loading' dose for a few weeks and then reduce the intake down. Be patient and listen to your body.


Start with one delayed-release capsule just before bed and adjust as needed (to a maximum of two per night), or take as recommended by your health professional.

Think of your body and brain energy like a battery

Use your intake of L-DOPA rich MacuDopa to keep yourself charged and in the green. Try not to spend any time in the brown or red.

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