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Test your Dopamine Levels

Get to know your body.

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Understand your body and biochemistry better.

Functional Medicine Tests

It is a good idea to scientifically analyse the your nervous system, your digestive health and your general nutrient levels.

Regular functional medicine testing helps you to understand your health and will guide you in the right direction when it comes to therapies and supplements to support your condition.

Our easy-to-use test kits are very useful tools to evaluate your condition and assess how MacuDopa is working for you.

The test kits are sent to your home address in discreet packaging. You then perform the tests at home (stool or urine) or use a certified phlebotomist. The test kits are then sent back to the lab for analysis. It's simple and efficient.

Professional guidance on your results

If you need help understanding your test results you can book a 30 minute online consultation with our experienced functional medicine specialist, Max Tomlinson N.D.  

To book go to his online diary.

UK Laboratory Test Kits

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"I feel so much better having started on my MacuDopa. I can move freely again and my mood is so much better. Nights used to be so difficult. Not now though. Thank you".

- DT, London

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