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Looking for Support from Mucuna pruriens?

Introducing MacuDopa: A world-leading practitioner grade supplement that may contribute to the support of low dopamine conditions.


Manufactured in the United Kingdom by a company run by a young onset Parkinson's CEO.

Our Mucuna is HPLC standardised to ensure purity and optimal function. We have a fast acting Day capsule and a delayed-release Night vesion.


If you live in the UK please visit our UK ONLY site

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Struggling with dyskinesia?

Unhappy with your current state of health? Looking for the highest quality natural alternative to help you with your low dopamine needs? Wanting to experience the impact of natural Mucuna pruriens on your symptoms? Our MacuDopa capsules are the most refined Mucuna formulation available on the market. Buy our practitioner grade Mucuna pruriens in easy-to-use Day and Night capsules.

  • MacuDopa contains the highest quality HPLC standardised Mucuna pruriens

  • MacuDopa is a natural source of L-DOPA 

Fast acting and long lasting

The really good news is that you are in charge. You regulate the amount and frequency of your MacuDopa intake, gently raising or lowering your support levels and working to avoid any distressing dyskinesia. Natural Mucuna has been shown to act quickly, impacting positively on low dopamine symptoms*.


In published scientific papers, the natural ingredient in Mucuna appears to be stronger acting than other synthetic version and may last for longer, giving a longer 'ON' phase* (the time where you feel good).

*Dr. Maldonado, Neurologist

We won!

Nutrition magazine UK 'best alternative product'.


Runners up!

NOPE LONDON 2024 'Best New Speciality Product'.


What is MacuDopa?

MacuDopa is a natural food supplement containing HPLC standardised Mucuna pruriens. Mucuna has a long history of use in low dopamine states and is a great source of natural L-DOPA. Each of our Day and Night capsules contains a regulated amount of the active ingredient.

How does MacuDopa work?

The exciting thing about MacuDopa is that it may reduce the chances of getting the nasty dyskinesia side-effect that everyone with low dopamine states fear. Read the scientific paper here.


That's because MacuDopa works gently and effectively to support people with low dopamine states. People who use it say that it has a sustained, impactful effect on their symptoms.**

Try MacuDopa for a steadier experience to help you go about your daily life with more confidence and less discomfort.

**Always seek medical advice before taking MacuDopa

Our suppliers and manufacturers have these established trust marks.

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SALSA approved icon.png

Customer Testimonials

What our customers have to say about MacuDopa

Max gave me the opportunity to take control of my health. I believe that the natural Mucuna Pruriens gives me benefits over the chemically produced product. The first Mucuna I tried was in powder form & contained artificial sweeteners. It was difficult to weigh out the quantities required & unpleasant to drink. Then I was introduced to a Macudopa, which is in capsule form & a standardised dose.


The capsule being more convenient to transport & pleasanter to swallow!  I have been able to work with my Neurologist, who is supportive of my decision to avoid chemical substitutes where possible, whilst I retain my current level of health …. Macudopa capsules, have allowed me to live a very active and full life, doing the things I love.

Michaela, UK.

Our family vision

Caryn, our co-founder and inspiration, was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at the age of 51.

Our company was built directly from the need to come together as a family to find a stable, reliable and natural remedy to support Caryn.

Caryn Tomlinson who is 51, and has Parkinson's disease. She take Mucuna pruriens and feels amazingly healthy.
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